Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough and the Great War - From 28th July 1914 to 11th November 1918

Alvey Joseph - boot repairer           

Baggaley Tom - farmer          

Benson Mrs  - Landowner

Birch-Jones Rev’d John – Vicarage

Bish Herbert - bag hosier           

Burton Albert Edward -market gardener      

Clayton Joseph - Cemetery clerk       

Cook Joseph - market gardener           

Co-operative Stores Ltd

Dring Joseph - bag hosier            

Dring Mrs Ann - farmer           

Dunthorne Arthur - farmer        

Dunthorne Francis - farmer         

Footitt George - market gardener          

Foster Arthur - market gardener            

Foster Charles Ernest - market gardener     

Foster James - market gardener & post office            

Hallam Henry - farmer            

Hill, Charles Hose – Woodborough Hall -Landowner

Hogg Charles - market gardener

Hogg William - joiner  

Huskinson T W & C I  

Kelk John - farmer          

Kelk John Robinson - cow keeper  

Leafe John - carrier            

Leafe Joseph Richard - beer retailer      

Lee Sir Henry Gordon (Bart) - Landowner

Lovitt Thomas - farmer  

Marriott Joseph - shopkeeper        

Marshall Willie - New Inn          

Mellows Thomas - baker        

Middup William - farmer        

Morley John - cow keeper            

North William - joiner           

Nurcombe Thomas Arthur - coal dealer   

Poole Arthur (Bank Farm) - joiner

Poole John - farmer          

Rhodes Whysall - farmer       

Richardson Bish - grocer       

Richardson William - grocer       

Robinson Edward - market gardener      

Roe Samuel - bag hosier            

Sears John - market gardener           

Seely Sir Charles Hilton (Bart)  - Landowner

Spencer David - Nags Head public house & assistant overseer    

Stevenson John - farmer       

Taylor George - newsagent          

Taylor William - Four Bells public house Taylor William and         threshing machine owner     

Thomas Shipside – The Yews

Tomlinson Martha - butcher  

Turtle John - farmer

Ward Herbert - farmer        

Who lived in Woodborough during the 1st World War? The only Trade Directory printed during the 1st World War was Kelly’s in 1916. Censuses were conducted in 1911 and 1921. Therefore the only resource for knowing who lived or worked in Woodborough would have been Kelly’s 1916 directory.

This of course only gives a ‘snapshot’ for 1916, so for the two years before, and the two years after, we have no way of providing the names of inhabitants for the duration of the war. Kelly’s only provides information on landowners and those in ‘trade’. Children, spouses and those not in trade or work are therefore not known, as are those who enlisted for active service.

The following list published in Kelly’s 1916 directory.  

This poignant photograph taken at Northdale Farm on Main Street in 1914, judging by the caption it seems to be asking, when will the three older men on the left, Mr Herring, Mr Carlisle and Alf Richardson see the three younger men, George Snodin, Percy Richardson and Jimmy Snodin after the war. If the younger men did go to war, they must have survived because their names do not appear on the Woodborough War Memorial.

For more information about WW1 war Memorial follow this link:

For photographs of Woodborough taken during this war go to THEMED PHOTO ALBUMS via the MENU BAR

The following list of names are those recorded on the Woodborough War Memorial having been killed in action during WWI:

Index in chronological order of death

RIDGARD, William Henry
WHITE, Arthur

ORANGE, Harold
POOLE, John William
WEBB, Edmund James

SAVIDGE, Richard Claude
WOODFORD, Leonard Thomas

ORANGE, Ernest
FOSTER, Fred Severn


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