Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

The history of Woodborough described in Trade Directories changes little during the 100 years covered, what is interesting though and can be compared, are the people and trades that each directory lists. Those mentioned in each directory are those that have position or trade. For all persons living in the village one would have to consult the ten year census of the time. Within these directories there are many discrepancies, for example, incorrect names, dates, values and spellings have been observed, but not corrected.

The style of the four main directories differ in so much as some are more thorough than others, and those that are more thorough naturally provide a greater amount of information and detail. Although the population of the village increased during this period, trades declined (in particular the frame knitting industry), this is further discussed in the 'Shops and Trades' section elsewhere on this website.

All our directories have been adjusted so that they are similar in style and presentation. If directories other than those listed below become available we will try to provide them. 

Below, a typical page from a late 19th early 20th century Trade Directory, it happens to be the top part of Wright’s 1864, all directories start with a description of a village/town followed by lists of the principal trades and those who ply those trades.

There are 35 directories on this website out of predicted 40, the earliest 1832 and the latest 1941. Those listed below in red have been identified as having been published but copy not yet found.

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Trade Directories - an introduction


Wright's 1891

Kelly's 1891 (Not yet found)

Wright's 1893

White's 1894

Wright's 1895

Kelly's 1895

Wright's 1897

Wright's 1899

Kelly's 1899

Kelly's 1900

Kelly's 1904

Kelly's 1908

Kelly's 1912

Kelly's 1916

Kelly's 1922

Kelly's 1925

Kelly's 1928

Kelly's 1932

Kelly's 1936

Kelly's 1941

Whites 1832

Whites 1844

Lascelles & Hagar 1848

Whites 1853

Kelly's 1855

Kelly's 1864 (Not yet found)

Whites 1864

Wright's 1868

Morris 1869

Kelly's 1870 (Not yet found)

Wright's 1871

Wright's 1874

Kelly's 1876 (Not yet found)

Wright's 1879

Kelly's 1881

Wright's 1883

Wright's 1885

White's 1885 (Not yet found)

Kelly's 1888

Wright's 1889

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