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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough in 1609

Landowners and tenants in Woodborough recorded by Richard Banks in his Crown Survey Sherwood Forest 1609 and survey map, of which the Woodborough Parish makes up just one small piece.

The following is given with acknowledgement and thanks to The Thoroton Society Record Series 1997, Sherwood Forest in 1609. This map depicts the whole Parish of Woodborough. From the plot list, the first column gives only brief information of the plot number and the freeholder’s name, then a more detailed description and last column provides the acreage.



A Crown Survey by Richard Bankes

published by The Thoroton Society

Woodborough Lordship

All of this lordship (the whole of Woodborough parish is shown on a portion of the map drawn to accompany this survey). Woodborough is located on the Belvoir map of Sherwood Forest of c. 1600.

A brief account of the manorial history of this lordship is given in Thoroton 1677 pages 31 to 35 (read the modern interpretation towards the bottom of the link) follow this link: Thoroton 1677

Note: For details of the watermills on the Doverbeck in this lordship and beyond use this link: Woodborough watermill.

Below: The Woodborough section of Richard Bankes 1609 map of Sherwood Forest shows that the Parish is largely wooded in the west and south. It also illustrates the pre enclosure larger fields. Ploughman Wood to the south-east is not shown on this map, it is included in the neighbouring Parish of Lowdham’s version of the 1609 map.

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One other close lying upon said field [1118], in the occupation of [-]



One other long parcel of ground lying upon the bound of the Forest, extending from Swanne Poole to Christopher Sturley's mill [1125c]. [note: This mill is depicted but not named on the Belvoir map of Sherwood Forest of c.1600]



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