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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

The Manor House - Munden’s Hall Stallion Stables

Away from the main Manor Farm buildings and in the north-east corner of Broad Close field off Roe Hill, there was a stallion yard, known locally as Munden's Hall; they were probably built at the time when Robert Howett lived at the Manor (1876-1887). These buildings were named after a famous stallion owned by Robert Howett. The stallion yard had a two storey barn in the middle with a loft above for forage and bedding, two stables underneath led to an exercise yard either side, the barn and the yards were enclosed by 15' high walls, entrance was via two sliding doors which ran on rollers fixed to the wall. On various places on external walls iron tethering rings were fitted to secure mares waiting for service. There was no known water supply to these yards until the early 1960's, when a pipe was laid from the nearby farmyard.

Right: Munden’s Hall in 1981 being demolished

to make way for new housing on Broad Close.

At this time the middle barn of the stallion yard was reduced to one storey and re-roofed making it drier and warmer. It was then used for housing cattle and pigs until it was demolished in 1981 for a housing development. This photograph shows the buildings at the time they were being demolished in 1981; there is just one other known photograph of Munden's Hall [see next article].



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