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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Carols & The Woodborough Carol

A new tradition in Woodborough

For the past two years, a group of local residents have sung carols at various points in the village on Christmas Eve. The beauty of this is that it has been done purely in the spirit of Christmas, no collection has been taken. The choir is of all ages and all denominations, Mr Mansfield Foster has accompanied the carols on a harmonium in a van lent and driven by Mr Arthur Foster. On each occasion, the choir has swelled as it progressed up or down the village. The repertoire has been limited to several tried and trusted favourites, but it is hoped to enlarge it next year, provided singers are prepared to attend two or three practices. At some of the stopping places, singing has been most rewarding, with those that live in the vicinity coming out to listen and join in; but in others, despite the heralding ring of a set of antique fetlock bells, all adjacent doors have remained closed, which is disappointing and depressing for the singers who have given up their Christmas Eve at home to spread the spirit of Christmas among the old and the young.

Due to the generosity of Mr R.W. Cooper, the carollers have been followed by Father Christmas with a sack of apples and oranges for the children.

It is hoped that this new tradition will be kept up in the future, and will receive the support and cooperation of the whole village.

Report from The Woodborough Newsletter - February 1964

The Woodborough Carol

Veil you bright head, ye twinkling stars,

In your ethereal blue (repeat)

On this glad day a star appears

More glorious far, the new (repeat).

His beams eclipse immortal clay,

How dim they seem to shine (repeat)

On this fair birth a gentle rain,

In tenderness divine (repeat).

Come, let us view the Saviour’s bed,

Unnoticed and forlorn (repeat)

And press to see the lowly shed

Where Heavenly love was born (repeat).

Sweet were the smiles that decked His face,

And soft His infant eyes (repeat)

But sweeter was the matchless grace,

That brought Him from the skies (repeat).



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