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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

John Henry Spree’s Nottinghamshire

The title of the book opposite, tells you a lot about the contents.

John Spree (1869-1932) moved from Hastings and came to live in Nottingham around 1915. He was a prolific photographer creating many of his images as post-cards.

This book publishes 220 Spree photographs, 14 of which are Woodborough scenes and were gladly supplied by this website to the author. The remaining images are of Nottingham, the surrounding suburbs and county.

John Henry visited locations often more than once and his post-cards sold well.

The book also includes an article about John Henry Spree’s life and gives details of his photographic techniques.

This website is pleased to recommend the book to anyone with a fascination for local history and who knows Nottingham and the many village locations photographed between 1915 and well into the 1920’s.

The book has been compiled by Alan Spree, John Henry’s great-grandson.

The publishers, www.amberley-books.com can supply the book for £14.99 or go online and search for other stockists and alternative prices. ISBN 978-1-4456-8027-9  

Anyone wishing to contact the author about the contents in his book or to provide

details of other Spree post-cards, please email direct to: alanspree@hotmail.com  

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