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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Play Equipment

In view of recent publicity about the safety of children’s playgrounds, the Parish Council wish it to be known that the equipment on the Governors’ Field is inspected regularly by Gedling Borough Council and has recently been declared to be in a safe condition. Deliberate acts of vandalism by older children unfortunately occur from time to time and damage is rectified as soon as possible. After removing the concrete bases a few years ago the Parish Council has been awaiting Government decisions as to the best replacement surface. These recommendations have now been published and are under consideration.

July 1988

There may be other earlier items about play equipment on Governors’ Field.

Plans are being made to re-equip the Governors’ Field with new playground equipment. In order to make the field safe and clean the Governors have agreed to install a new, secure gate and to reinstate the notice prohibiting dogs from the field. The Parish Council have offered to pay about 1/3 of the cost of the new equipment and it is hoped that the village will be able to raise the balance by Autumn 1989.

April 1989

Playground Appeal

The response to this appeal has been wonderfully enthusiastic and generous. At the time of going to press, Playgroup have raised a staggering £220 and £575 has been donated in cash and it looks as though there could be 1,000 windmills turning on the Governors’ Field on 1st May.

We aim to raise £2,500 to replace the condemned play equipment. A final decision on precisely what and where to place the new equipment has yet to be made, but village organisation will be consulted and the final decisions rest with the School Governors.

May 1989

The target of £2,500 has been reached and we are now waiting a detailed plan of the proposed play equipment from the National Playing Fields Association. Temporary gates have been put on the Governors’ Field whilst the old ones have new catches fitted.

October 1989

We are delighted to report that a grant of £400 has been made by the Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council out of the British Petroleum Rural Community Fund. The grant is to be used for the installation cost of play equipment and safety surfaces.

November 1989

Phase 1 of the playground equipment on the Governors’ Field is nearing completion. One or two small problems needs to be resolved, the drainage system in the corner has to be improved and some safety surfaces have to be installed. The site also needs tidying up – a working party is planned. Unfortunately funds will be completely exhausted after this expenditure and the Appeal Committee will be convening in the Autumn to plan further fund raising. The original plan approved by the Governors included one or two other prices of equipment (see-saw type) and we would also like to install further safety surfaces.

Woodborough Playground Appeal

At last, the new playground equipment is nearly completed and we are truly grateful to Prospects Training for carrying out the work to such a high standard. There is still a chain bridge to be installed and Gedling Borough Council has made a grant of £1500 towards safety surfaces which will be put down as soon as possible.


Village Field Scheme goes on

Concerned parents in Woodborough, who set up their own group to raise money for play equipment in the village, are now working on ideas to raise money for the second stage of the project.

The first stage has been successfully completed, with new play equipment being installed on the village field in Lingwood Lane. The group managed to raise £3500 in just eighteen months to pay for the equipment but said it needed another £1500 for the second and final stage.

Mrs Lynn Morgan who recently tool over as chairman of the appeal fund: “The Parish Council sparked off the appeal when the old play equipment was condemned and pulled down because of corrosion.

“Concerned parents in the village began fundraising to provide new equipment and a number of events were held.

“We also received a lot of practical help and donations from local companies which group member Flick Armstrong wrote to.”

The group was given help by the National Playing Field Association and the work was carried out by the Prospect Training Group.

One of the parents closely involved with the project was Parish Clerk Viv Sadler. She said: “The project has been an excellent exercise in mutual cooperation between the Parish Council, Gedling Borough Council and our Appeal Group.

“Gedling Borough Council has also given us £1500 towards safer surfacing on the playground.”

Mrs Morgan said some extra items of equipment specifically for the under-fives were needed and she hoped the money would be raised and the equipment installed by the spring.

NEP 1990