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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

The Woodborough Institute - Extracts of minutes from 1945

Extracts from the Woodborough Institute Minute Book – January 1945 to May 1945
A public meeting was held at The Institute, Roe Lane, Woodborough, on Wednesday January 10th 1945. Mr J Cook presiding over a meeting of 15 persons. The meeting was convened to find a means of re-opening the Room for social functions etc. A temporary committee was formed of seven persons: Mr J Cook – Chairman, Mr F Dunthorne, Mr M Foster – honorary secretary, Mr W Raynor, Mrs A Bailey, Mrs S Middup and Mrs W Raynor.

Before anything could be proceeded with, it was agreed that the Secretary write to the Landlord – Mr C L Hill, asking what terms he was prepared to accept for the use of the Room. It was proposed by Mr J Cook, seconded by A E Foster that when a satisfactory agreement had been reached that the Secretary call a further public meeting to elect a permanent committee.

Another Committee Meeting was held at The Manor on Monday February 19th 1945 with Mr J Cook presiding. The Secretary stated that he had been in touch with Messrs Baker, Halford & Sons, who wished the Committee to make an offer of what they would be prepared to pay for the use of the Room. After some discussion it was proposed by Mr F Dunthorne, seconded by Mr W Raynor and agreed, that an offer of £2-10s-0d per annum be forwarded to Messrs Baker, Halford & Sons. On Monday March 12th 1945. Mr M Foster stated that Mr Hill was prepared to accept the offer of £2-10s-0d per annum rent for The Institute, subject to the premises being taken over in their present condition. A Tenancy Agreement had been duly signed by the Chairman and Secretary and returned to Messrs Baker, Halford & Sons. A committee was then elected from all those present:

Chairman - Mr J Cook

Hon Secretary - Mr M Foster

Hon treasurer - Mr S Savidge

Committee: Messrs. P Bingham, F Dunthorne, W Raynor,

Mesdames. E Bailey, F Godfrey, E Middup, K Raynor, & Miss M Joy

It was suggested that Mrs E Garner be asked to serve on the Committee

On Wednesday October 24th 1945 a meeting was convened, primarily, to draw up a scale of charges for letting the Room for various functions. Proposed by P Bingham, seconded by W Raynor that the price for tea parties be 10 shillings, Whist Drives and dances 10 shillings, Whist Drives only 5 shillings, concerts 7 shillings and 6 pence, public or private meetings 2 shillings and 6 pence. The committee have priority over Wednesday and Saturday evenings for their own use. Unanimously agreed. It was further proposed that the charge for weddings, etc, be £1, and the Pioneer Club 2 shillings and 6 pence each night, and 2 shillings extra for the use of the copper. Agreed. Also that for all non-charitable functions, films etc, the charge be 10 shillings was agreed.

At the first Annual Meeting of The Institute Committee held at The Institute, Roe Lane, on Wednesday April 3rd 1946. Mr J Cook presiding over a meeting numbering 16 persons. The Treasurer, in his report, stated that the balance in hand, in the Room Fund on 31st December 1945 amounted to £9-17s-1d. A meeting April 3rd 1946. With regard to the renovation of the Room, it was proposed that a sub-committee be appointed to meet representatives of the Notts Rural Community Council, who stated that they were willing to defray part of the cost of renovation.

This committee met again on May 8th 1946 with regard to the renovation of the Room it was proposed that tenders be invited for repairing the windows, decorating the interior, and re-fixing the combustion stove nearer to the wall. It was proposed to meet at the Room to draw up a specification and it was further proposed that the stage be lowered to floor level, subject to the written consent of the landlord. It was proposed that the Pioneer Club be asked to install two extra electric lights, as the present lighting was considered inadequate; however it was further suggested that the suggestion of installing electric fires be deferred to a future meeting. [After this last meeting there were no further minutes recorded in the Minutes Book started in January 1945. So at the present time it is not known what happened to the new committee, if it continued then it is presumed that minutes were recorded in other books. Ed].

Extracts from a Conveyance and Deed of Grant
Dated 30th December 1950 between Mr C L Hill to Mr A P Carnill and others of “The Institute” situate in Roe Lane in the Parish of Woodborough in the County of Nottingham.

This Conveyance between Charles Littlewood Hill of Number 7 Newcastle Drive, The Park. (Hereinafter called “the Grantor”) of the one part and Arthur Percy Carnill of “Wayside”, Woodborough, a motor engineer, Joseph Cook of “Foxhills”, Woodborough, a market gardener, Albert Bailey of Davenport House, Woodborough, a market gardener and John Mansfield Foster of The Manor, Woodborough, a farmer, (hereinafter called “the Donees”).

(1) The Grantor is seized of the property hereinafter described for an estate in fee simple free from incumbrances.
(2) The Grantor is desirous of conveying the said property to the Donees by way of gift upon the terms and subject to      the conditions hereinafter contained.

All that building and premises with the yard situate at Roe Lane, Woodborough, at present let to the said John Mansfield Foster on a yearly tenancy.

The Donees shall hold the said property upon trust to sell the same with power to postpone the sale thereof and shall hold the net proceeds of sale and other money applicable as capital and the net rents and profits thereof until sale as joint tenants.

Until the expiration of twenty one years from the death of the last survivor of the Donees the Trustees for the time being of this Deed shall have power to mortgage lease or otherwise dispose of all or any part of the said property with all the powers in that behalf of an absolute owner.

It is hereby certified and declared that the transaction hereby effected does not form part of a larger transaction or of a series of transactions in respect of which the amount or value or the aggregate amount or value of the consideration exceed five hundred pounds.

The Schedule before referred to:

(1) The property hereby conveyed (herein called “the Trust premises”) shall be held upon trust for the purposes of physical and mental training and recreation and social moral and intellectual development through the medium of a reading and recreation room, lectures, classes, games, whist drives, Youth Club, recreations and entertainments and provision is to be particularly made for the entertainment and use of the Institute by the old folk of the Parish of Woodborough and the Institute is to be used generally for the benefit of the inhabitants of Woodborough and its immediate vicinity without distinction of sex or of political, religious or other opinions subject to the provisions of these presents.

(2) The general management and control of the Institute and the arrangements for its use shall be vested in the Donees who shall have power if they think fit to appoint a Committee consisting of not more than nine members to take over the management of the Institute and they shall have the right to appoint such Committee or if they so desire to call a Meeting of the inhabitants of the Parish of Woodborough for the purpose of electing such Committee and if the Donees should decide to call a Meeting of the inhabitants they shall be responsible for settling the rules and conditions governing the conduct of such Meeting.

(3) The control of the Institute is to be entirely non-Sectarian.

(4) The Institute may be used by any Political Parties for Whist Drives or other entertainments with the consent of the Donees but no Political speeches of any kind whatsoever shall be made in the Institute at any time.


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