Woodborough Local History Group

welcomes both new members & visitors

to their meetings


Woodborough Local History Group holds meetings monthly with

illustrated talks on a wide range of subjects (but no meeting in August).

So why not come along on Thursday 21st February at 7.30pm when we continue

our 2019 programme. The full 2019 programme is now available see below:

New members and visitors are always welcome to join us at the Institute on Roe Lane.


There is a loop system available in the Institute for hearing aid users .

Refreshments are provided at the end of each session.

Full details of our 2019 programme are now available:

Click here for the full 2019 programme

Page updated 21st February 2019

Over recent years a small group of Local History Group members have researched the history of our village. They have transcribed previously published material and undertaken research into other topics.

Woodborough’s Heritage website is intended to be used as a resource centre for those interested in delving through Woodborough’s historic past. Most articles have been illustrated with appropriate images from our collection. The Heritage website is not yet complete and more articles will be added when work on them is finished.

We also have a collection of over 5,500 photographs including maps, plans, and diagrams, most of the former can be viewed from our THEMED PHOTOS ALBUMS site.

(To view the What’s New page go via the Home page or use this link)

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Woodborough’s Heritage

Commemorating the centenary of the WWI armistice on 11th day of 11th month 1918

A montage of hand knitted poppies displayed on the railings to Governors’ Field

Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, an ancient Sherwood Forest Village recorded in Domesday